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When does my child need to wear their Giggles and Grins t-shirt?

Our t-shirts that should be worn every Friday. If you have a child three years old and up, a t-shirt will be required to be worn on field trips. T-shirts are $15 per shirt.

What are your policies on vacation, sick days, bad weather
days, summer hours, etc.?

G&G is here to be of service to our families. To maintain adequate staff, parents can take a few days off from childcare but must still pay full tuition, regardless of days of attendance.

Can my child bring meals or snacks?

Sure! G&G wants our kids to eat healthy. So please pack healthy meals and snacks.

Do we practice a specific religion?

G&G is a judgement free zone. We teach love.

Can I visit my child's class?

G&G has selected days that our parents will be able to participate in the classrooms.

How much is my child's tuition?

Tuition rates vary by age, classroom and program. Please contact us at (936)293-8621 for more information.

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