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Your six weeks to one year old will enjoy cuddles, walking, self feeding and more! 



Your one to two year olds are exploring all things new and our staff is there to guide and explore with them!



Your two to three year olds will be in a language rich setting that encourages development of letters, shapes, colors and numbers.



Your three to four year olds are eager to learn. We'll begin reading, writing and learning sign language too.


What Our Parents are Saying . . .

"I looooove Giggles & Grins!!!! It is the ONLY learning center my daughter attended and I honestly didn’t want her to leave when it was time for her to go to public school. She is my only child so I wanted her somewhere trustworthy and loving! I definitely found that at Giggles & Grins! I have even recommended this center to several of my friends and associates who have now enrolled their kids there! BEST DAYCARE IN HUNTSVILLE, TX!"

The Washingtons

"So listen, we love Giggles and Grins!!! This daycare facility help bring our oldest son out of his shell. They love your kids as if they are their own. The owner really made us feel safe with leaving our kids there. I have recommended people check out this facility for their kids. If we were still in Huntsville my youngest would be there. They taught our kids lessons, fed them real meals, and taught them Spanish. I am forever grateful for this daycare. My kids always ask about Ms. Rochanda."

The Tolivers


"We love Giggles & Grins!!! Absolutely the best daycare and not to mention learning center even though it’s the only one my little one has ever attended. They came to us in a time of need!! I placed my very blessed daughter who has the luxury of being able to stay at home in her grandparents care into Giggles & Grins to learn how to socialize, share, improve her speech, and so much more she could learn being around children in which she needed after all the lockdowns from the coronavirus. She has progressed tremendously since becoming a part of the Giggles & Grins family!! We recommend anyone looking for a daycare to meet your child’s needs to join the Giggles & Grins family."

The Blakes


"My daughter loves Ms. Rochanda and Giggles & Grins! I ask her everyday what did she learn at daycare. She can tell me about a letter, number or color. She also comes home with some kind of painting or drawing. I like how they have a daily folder for her that lets me know how her day was. The staff there is very friendly. Even the other parents. It’s just like family and I’m so glad I decided to send my baby here! I highly recommend this daycare to anyone!"

Vantrice Johnson


"Giggles & Grins is by far the best childcare facility in Huntsville Tx! My daughter has been attending since she was a newborn and she's now approaching kindergarten and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! The staff is phenomenal and they treat your child as if they are their own! It’s hard to find a facility where you can drop your child off and not worry, although Giggles & Grins MAKES IT SOOOOOO EASY from beginning to end!"

Ava's Mom


"We LOVE Giggles and Grins!! The staff are amazing and go above and beyond taking care of my daughter. You can tell that everyone there truly cares for each child. My daughter has learned and progressed so much since starting at this daycare. Giggles and Grins is, hands down, the best in town!"

The Knattes


What We Value . . .


We value family and we treat you and your children as a part of ours.


We value children's learning, development and best practices.


We value uniqueness and believe that every child is unique in their own way.


We value a solid foundation and do the ground work in every classroom.

Our COVID-19 Policy . . .

Giggles and Grins is currently following all CDC Guidelines based on our state for COVID-19. We take pride in daily sanitation of all classrooms, play areas, restrooms, tables, supplies and other commonly used areas. It is our top priority to maintain a clean environment and top notch health for you, your children and our staff.

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